Experience, Expertise and Creativity
  • Unique experience in commercializing intellectual properties in new product categories and the strategic subtleties required for success..
  • Proprietary processes, data and market research techniques designed to create licensing success.
  • Decades of experience in retailing, brand strategy and management, marketing strategy, licensing, market research, and brand merchandising across a wide range of product categories.
  • Licensing expertise, including proven salesmanship and negotiating skills.
  • Fresh ideas, proven through numerous successful store brand businesses.

Licensing Track Record

  • More than $1 billion in annual sales of licensed products and hundreds of deals sold,
    negotiated and developed.
  • Insight gained as both a licensor and licensee allows us to manage all aspects of licensing relationships to get the most for our clients.

Increased Revenues, Reduced Costs, More Profit

  • Maximized value of licensed brand transfer, resulting in increased customer acceptance of the line and greater sales.
  • Intense day-to-day commitment to building the business that translates into increased return
    on investment.
  • Reduced licensing costs and superior license terms due to our in-depth licensing experience.
  • Reduced legal fees in contract negotiation and drafting.
  • Reduced internal time required to manage the business.
  • Streamlined licensee/licensor relationship that minimizes the costs of false starts and other hurdles sometimes faced in licensing relationships.

Commitment to Success and Continuity

  • Goal-driven compensation means we invest in our clients' businesses and focus on long-term relationships.
  • Focused and dedicated day-to-day management of the control brand lines we develop, unencumbered by corporate pressures and distractions.
  • Management continuity, regardless of changes to licensee or licensor team.